Indian Lookout Country Club
1142 Batter Street
Pattersonville, NY 12137
Phone (518) 864-5659
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Monday, March 19, 2018
What is the Harley Rendezvous?
We're on about 200 acres in Western Schenectady County in New York State; about twenty miles west of Albany, NY. It's cow country out here. Rolling hills, streams, ponds, fields, and trees. the perfect setting for an exclusive Country Club. And exclusive we are. As far as we know (and nobody has so far disputed our claim), we're the ONLY country club exclusively for bikers.

We've got 80 acres set aside for camping. There are plenty of flushing toilets, johns and water spigots around. We even have Can-Do-Anything Axel, who patrols regularly with his army of cleaners and fixers.
We have a network of roads, shaled, with a water truck making regular rounds to cut down on dust. Unless it rains briefly during an event. Then we have hay being dumped off all over the place to sop up any water or mud that you aren't playing in.

Indian Lookout Country Club was built on the highest elevation in Schenectady County. Now if only the Indians would come back. We even have a museum for them.

There's a general store on premises, a cigarette and film booth, a video booth with last year's video continually playing on a big screen, a permanent covered stage "on the hill," a smaller stage by the Watering Hole Bar, with closed-circuit television sets along the bar, so you won't miss the tattoo contest, leather and lace show, etc., that's going on at the main stage.

We have a regular track where the Great American Motorcycle Rodeo sets up for beer games, serious competition, and even nitro trikes.

Indian Lookout Country Club hosts other events throughout the year, but the Rendezvous is the "big one." Improvements are added every year. We get lots of compliments from the "originals" the ones who attended the first Rendezvous at its permanent site. The transformation from old farm to Biker's Country Club is ongoing. As you change and want new ways to have fun, we change and find new ways to give it to you.
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