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Saturday, April 21, 2018

2013 Harley Rendezvous' Jersey Giant Swap Meet

Jan. 12-13, 2013

by Susan Buck

Harley Rendezvous happens, but just once a year, dudes So the crew brings to New Jersey a swap meet to cheer youz 'Cause bikes don't go from stop to start Without that certain tool or part. You won't find in any store Harley gear from days of yore, in rows of milk crates on the floor. Jugs and rings and engine cases Pushrods, valves, bearings and races. Along with parts for vintage and modern, Toys, dolls, games and treats; the kids were not forgotten And just beyond a rolling chassis, Some duds to make a gal look sassy.

Crooning o'er this Jersey hall Ron Jones; guitar, golden curls and all. Little Elvis shook it, (thanks, cousin Paul) Amazon. Catsuit. Skating. Meow! Tattooed ladies stole the show. There's rewards for going under the gun; Come on stage, flash your ink, win a trophy, it's fun!

Pole-dancing on the back seat ain't quite legal But park it, and she spins like an upside-down eagle Quite a gimmick, these Strip Club Choppers, The perfect bike for party hoppers.

Rare classic wheels were there to see Ford's '37 Coupe, a couple of T-Birds and a convertible '59 Galaxie. The two-wheel customs are always impressive, Schulpted line, glossy paint, LEDs, yet not excessive. While I'm more partial to vintage iron Big props to today's customs, these guys are really trying When V-Rods came out a dozen years ago I'd never imagine one would take best in show.

Couples and families; crew-mates and tribes Folks came from all over, and so many did ride! My faith was affirmed; though many groups did congregate Peaceful ways would dominate, gladly welcome in any state. In June we ride up the mountain and inside the gates To the 35th Harley Rendezvous, we'll all celebrate.

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