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Monday, March 19, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a Charter Member?
It sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. You come to your first Rendezvous with your ticket stub neatly filled out with your name and mailing address. We need that information to put you on our Mailing List. When you're put on the mailing list, you're issued a Harley Rendezvous ID number. That number will always appear above your name on issues of The Express and Ticket Brochures we send out. The main reason people are left off is that we couldn't read your writing, so it's a good idea to fill it out at home before the beer starts flowing. Okay. You're over the first hurdle. You're on The Mailing List, so now you'll get the ticket brochure around the first of the year, complete with pictures and previews, offering you a discount ticket price before a specified deadline in April. If you order at the discount price, using your ID number before that deadline in April, you'll receive a Charter Member card with your Charter Number, along with your tickets and bumper sticker. From then on, you will have both numbers above your name on the mailing label of The Express and Ticket Brochure. The following year, using both numbers, you'll be able to order at the Charter price with your Charter number. Remember, both numbers are always, always, always on top of your name on The Express and Ticket Brochures. If you are still in doubt, please call us (518-864-5659) and we'll try to find you under your old address or under a different ID number because you forgot to tell us you moved and we inactivated you for returned mail.

When will I get my 5 or 10 year pin?
Please refer to "How do I become a Charter Member?" where it says you fill out the ticket stub so we can read it. If you have turned in all 5 or 10 and now maybe even 20 of those ticket stubs that we use to put a checkmark next to your name, and we hope to hell you have, THEN you will get your pin. We need a while to put the info from all those ticket stubs into the Mailing List, so we try to send the pin when you next order your tickets. Please be patient. Or if you absolutely, positively can't wait, give us a call (518-864-5659) and we'll count your checkmarks. Maybe you used to live somewhere else and forgot to tell us you moved and somehow ended up with two ID numbers. Shit happens.

How can I order a video or the T-shirt I forgot to get at The Barn?
Make sure we have your correct mailing address for the Mailing List and you'll get the Fall and Daytona issues of The Express in the mail. It's chocked full of winners from the many happenings, informative and humorous articles, letters to the editor, lots and lots of pictures, and order information for everything from videos to prior years T's, buckles, mugs, and lost pins you've wanted to replace. If you're not sure, call (518-864-5659) and we'll see if we can jog your memory about which year's video had a fairy in it. Or, now you can order online. Just click the link for the online store off the home page.

What if I forgot to turn in my ticket stub for a pin?
Well, if you kept it, you can either mail it in and we'll send one for the cost of postage ($4), or bring it next year and if there are any left, you can get it then. If you didn't keep your ticket stub, prior year pins are available for a token amount. But remember, if you don't turn in the stub, you don't get credit for having attended that year and you won't get your 5 year pin on time.

How can I submit a band that wants to play at the Rendezvous?
Please send a demo CD, brief bio of the band, and asking price to Bill Potter, Harley Rendezvous, 1142 Batter Street, Pattersonville, NY 12137. We get way too many invitations to visit your websites to hear clips, and while it's appreciated, bands are chosen from the information submitted, not from their websites.

How can I apply to be a food vendor at the Rendezvous?
Send a picture of your set-up, along with a menu. We will be in contact with you if there are any openings.

How can I apply to be a merchandise dealer?
Call, email, or snail mail your name and mailing address and we'll be happy to send you an application. Discounts are given to used parts dealers, but all are welcome to apply and be added to our dealer mailing list so you'll be notified of all our events.

Do I need a permit for my trailer?
All motorhomes, pull-behind trailers (except utility type trailers that carry bikes), in the truck bed campers and conversion vans need a trailer permit. The only exceptions are any trailer you pull behind your bike and utility trailers that you don't sleep in - those are the only exceptions that don't need a permit.

How can I enter my antique bike for free admission?
Submissions must be by regular mail or email with a photo and description of your bike. If accepted, you will be sent a letter with instructions for entering the premises AFTER the gate opens.

How can I enter my custom bike in the show?
You enter your bike once you've arrived. Just wander over to where they are shown and sign up. No pre-approval is required.
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